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  • : Blog initialement consacré à la géopolitique de l'Arctique . Il traite désormais de l'actualité politique , economique , socio-culturelle , historique et militaire et présente des analyses " non conformistes " .Il ne pretend pas à l' " objectivité " mais presente un point de vue alternatif , en opposition avec les pretendues " analyses " syndiquées des " mediats libres " des " democrassies occidentales "
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24 juin 2013 1 24 /06 /juin /2013 01:42

Je vous invite à lire les commentaires de ".n " ou "Jan A. Volenz "sur mes articles consacrés au Brésil .

Ce sont des corrections et des précisions indispensables à ces articles  . Ainsi en ce qui concerne le séparatisme  gaucho il mentionne avec justesse l'incendie de la discothèque Kiss de Santa Maria .Des manifestations se sont déroulées dans cette ville le 20 juin dernier et bien-sûr on ne peut qu'être tenté de faire un lien entre leur ampleur pour une ville moyenne et ce tragique événement . [ lien ]

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Klaußius Germanicus 26/06/2013 13:51

Pendant ce temps-là, dans les rues de Rio :


Entre nous, si je donne un lien, c'est strictement d'un point de vue

de complément d'information. Aucune tentative de manisfester tel

ou tel opinion sur le sujet. Bonne lecture.


DanielB 26/06/2013 14:46

Bonjour ,

Bonne lecture à vous aussi : http://rt.com/op-edge/brazil-protests-latam-spring-056/

Tres Cordialement


.n 24/06/2013 21:11

Again - yes there are "Sulistas" but much fewer then a generation ago and they are not noticeable among the "protestos". However, especially in Sao Paulo and other large cities in the
center & south, juvenile "would be" Neo-Nazi gangs are participating in the "protestos". The "protestos" had been prepared since years by primarily by the CIA's German branch the BND - which
today acts in all of South America as the Trojan Horse for NATO expansion. Notice after the election of leftist catholic President Lugo in 2008 - with his "uncooperative" attidute towards the
U.S. - in 2010 the German BND agent CLAUDE ROBERT ELLNER appeared as Germany's ambassor in Paraguay. ELLNER , was the "charge d'affair" in the Germany embassy in 2002 and 2003 in Badgad and two
BND agents selected for the U.S. Comand in the Emirates the targets for the "shock & awe" bombing at the start of the war 2003. See "SCHNECKENPLAN". (Both German chancellor Schroeder and
France's Chirac had opposed the war. But Germany's BND is not really controlled by German chancellors - and instead by the CIA). Later the two BND agents went to French embassy in Bagdad to
continue their reports to the U.S. command in the Emirates. ELLNER had previously stationed in the 1990's in Croatia. Years after 2003 ELLNER becade German ambassador in Cuba, then Guatemala, and
in 2010 in Paraguay (thus he never served in a nation not of interest of the CIA !!!). In Feb. 2012 Germany's worldwide TV propaganda channel DEUTSCHE WELLE - began a 24/7 channel in Spanish for
Latin America and also in Feb. 2012 "technical cooperation" with Paraguay's public TV channel. President Lugo was ousted in June 2012. German right wing Minister of Development NIEBEL (of the
FLP) arrived shortly after the ouster and announced Germany's recognition of the "putschistas" followed by recognition by the Vatican, the U.S. and Spain. No nation in Latin America recognized
the  "putschistas". A few month ago at the European-Latin American summit in Chile, Germany pushed for the division of Latin America into the U.S. supported "Alianca del Pacifico " (Mexico,
Costa Rica, Colombia, Peru, Chile) against the "Mercosur" (Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina, Venezuela). MAIK ZARANDI - of Germany's "Konrad Adenauer Stiftung" CDU Party developed the
strategy for the German delegation. "Deutsche Welle" the German worldwide TV propaganda channel is dominated by the CDU (40+% voters in Germany, catholic conservative) and  in the case
against Brazil present one anti-Brazil propaganda item at least three times each week. Germany's BND uses both the "right" party foundations (Konrad Adenauer, Friedrich Naumann, Hans
Seidel) worldwide as well as the "left" (False Flag" party foundacions (Friedrich Ebert, Heinrich Boell, Rosa Luxemburg) to subvert on behalf of the CIA: Although German industry (competing
against U.S. industry for exports) OPPOSES this intervenion in other nations: But Germany's elected government has NO control - the instrumentation of the BND policies occurs through career civil
servants in Germanys' Foreign Ministry and embassies, and of cause BND stations around the world: During the 1960-1970, the BND (founded by Nazi Intel. Gen. Gehlen, commander until 1945 of
"Fremde Heere Ost") used escaped Nazi criminals in South Ameria, but after the fall of the "wall" the BND uses "converted" (for money, empoyment or blackmailed due to past  Stasi
ties) "Socialists" which are operating the "Rosa Luxemburg Stiftun" (a false flag operation) and are infiltreted in the leadership of the "Linke Partei" - (Left Party, 7% of voters, most 60+ in
East Germany. The party was the East Germany's SED party' succesor party the PDS until 2002. here is a "left" false flag "axis" from Germany which has been subverting in Brazil since over a
decade: 1. ADVENIAT (Vatican -via Catholic Church of Germany in Brazil as CIMI - 2. Green Party (Cohn Bendit, Joshka Fischer types) in Brazil as "Fundacao Heinrich Boell", and the Left
Party's "Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung" (which brought an "activist" against Brazil's UPPs (Community Police) to Berlin in May 2012 (2012) who reported about the existence of "resistance groups"
in the 12 cities of the soccer events in Brazil. In Nov. the Greent Party and its "Heinrich Boell Stiftung" in Brazil as Fundacao Heinrich Boell decided (with the Left's "Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung"
to start a propaganda campaign against Brazil in the SPRING of 2013. A blog run by the false flag "left" in Germany now has as its South America contributors 3 former members of the Bader Meinhof
terrorist group, also known as "Rote Arme Fraktion" who had assassinated U.S. military and civilians, and German civilians in Germany, but were pardoned from life terms  in Germany as recent
as 2008 - obviously under the direction of the CIA . One of the ex-terrorists then spent from 2000-2011 organizing resistance in Rio favelas. The other ex-terrorits right after release in 2007
went immediately to Venezuela, also in 2008, and especially in 2010 to  support more extremist maoist elements against the Chavez administration and for propaganda against the normalization
between Chavez and Santos. Thus the CIA-BND calculation went correct: The ex-terrorists will re-enforce extremists of the radical left in South America which will act to frigthen the majority of
the population from collaborating with democratic left parties like the PT and PCdoB in Brasil. Thus there are both "crazies" as well as "opportunists" used by the "false left" of the CIA-BND -
to destabilize the independent goverments in South America.