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10 mars 2012 6 10 /03 /mars /2012 16:19

La " biopiraterie du Carbone " a commencé en Amazonie . La société Irlandaise Celestial Green Ventures dirigée par Ciaran Kelly négocie auprès de tribus Amérindiennes et de municipalités Amazoniennes des crédits carbone .Certaines tribus Amérindiennes commencent , heureusement , à se rebiffer !


Source : http://operamundi.uol.com.br/conteudo/reportagens/20427/empresa+irlandesa+compra+direitos+sobre+terra+indigena+a+revelia+da+funai.shtml




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jan z. volens 11/03/2012 07:16

"A quem interessa uma crise militar ?  (de) Siliva Palacios - is an important essay that is right now in DEFESANET , ALERTA TOTAL - and others.  Can also be found by searching by title:
"A quem interessa uma crise militar Silvia Palacios" .   She sees behind the political crisis between the militar and President Roussef - an operation of the U.S..  While Gelia
Fregapani, who also has right now his latest commentary in DEFESANET - suspects a machivellian maneuvre by Dirceu - the disgraced former associate of Lula.  ------No doubt: Brazil due
to its internal lack of socio-political cohesion and unity, as well as the hundreds of permanent and special subversive geopolitical operations by the U.S. and NATO (Britain, Germany,
Scandinavia, Netherlands) - has now entered a multifacetic crisis involving internal political turmoil, labor unrest, pressure by environmental NGOs, slowing economy, a confrontation between
military and presidency, over-valuation of the currency, problems to construct the projects for the soccer world event and the Olympic games, the pending "Codico Florestal", Guarani threats to
ask intervention of the OAS, the Yanomani asking intervention in Geneva.  Rousseff is scheduled to visit the U.S. in April  where no doubt additional pressure will be made to
break Brazil's geopolitical "independence", while domestic opposition may even drive for "impeachement".  This may be the start of an offensive by the U.S. and NATO, which had been
distracted by Iraq-Afghanistan-Lybia - to slap down all the "independent" governments in Latin America and bring them back under control as in the 1970's-1980's.

DanielB 11/03/2012 11:38

Hello Jans ,

Thank you very much . This " military uprising " reminds me the fight between the " Linha dura " fraction and the " grupo de la Sorbonne " fraction when Ernesto Geisel was President .
The Godmother of one my wife's cousin was at that time one of the secretaries at the Planalto administration and she described us the tensions in the Brazilian military at that time .
One must take care that " Rio Centro " like operations , the activation of a "FARB "  in order to create a « strategia della tensione » in Brazil will not take place .
 I also think that the trip of Dilma Rousseff in Washington should be monitored closely .