Brésil - subversion : Le Jornal do Brasil évoque une ingérence étrangère .

Publié le 22 Juin 2013

C'est un fait nouveau ! Pour la première fois l'éditorial d'un journal Brésilien - le Jornal do Brasil - évoque la possibilité d'une ingérence étrangère dans les manifestations en cours au Brésil . [ lien ] Citant en exemple les attaques contre le palais de l'Itamaraty [ lien ] [ lien vers article ] et des slogans anti-nationaux proférés lors des manifestations à São Paulo , accompagnés par la destruction d'une bannière Brésilienne , la rédaction cite en exemple le coup d'état contre le Dr Mossadegh en Iran en 1953 . Ces slogans anti-nationaux ainsi que la destruction par le feu d'une bannière Brésilienne  sont très probablement le fait de séparatistes gauchos du sud du Brésil .

 Le Jornal do Brasil évoque les manifestations de 1964 pour dénoncer cette ingérence étrangère . [ lien ] Il faut ici signaler que le slogan " O gigante acordou " date de cette époque .Photo : Foto do livro "Marcha com a Familia....." publicado em 1964 com o cartaz "O Gigante Acordou" que culminou com a Ditadura Militar. Prova que existe de fato a pagina citada na foto : Livro : O lema era contra o Comunismo e contra a Corrupção. O lema atual é contra partidos (de esquerda) e contra Corrupção. O que culminou com um sistema autoritário,fechado,despota e corrupto que foi a ditadura um dos mais corruptos pois não se tinha noção de quanto se gastava e protesto era proibido.

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<br /> 2013 is somewhat different from 1964: 1965 was the Marxist wave in Latin America and the Soviet block at its zenith. Not even Hugo Chavez wanted a "marxist" or "communist" Venezuela. 2010<br /> after he had extradited a FARC-linke figure to Colombia - the CP of Venezuela berated him at a meeting and he retorted angry: "No me vengan con el marxismo-leninismo" (Video appeared in<br /> Kaosenlared/Spain). 2013 is above all a struggle (luta/lucha) of most nations in Latin America for "freedom" from all intervention and pressure from Europe and the USA.  Especially in Sao<br /> Paulo is an interested  sector to become a "partner" of the U.S. like Mexico (PROTECTORATE): At any price. But Brazils NATIONALISTS - both on the right and left - want to 1.) An independent<br /> Brazil. 2.) No repitition of post-1964 when as "F" put it: We allowed ourselves to be confronted with each other for Washington and Moscow". --- The "protests" were organized since years by NATO<br /> ONGs for the right moment: Like "Pussy Riot" in Russia and the mass protest in India about the terrible rape and murder of ONE woman (remember the anti-Kundankulam movement).  It is the<br /> beginning of an increased destabilization campaign in Brazil and worldwide by the U.S. and NATO (principally Britain, Germany, Vatican) to  crush the "independent" geopolitical<br /> attidute in Brazil (BRICS, UNASUR, CELAC). Unless the nationalist among the conservatives and the democratic left in Brasil stand together now - Brazil will be reduced to becoming a "partner" of<br /> NATO - not an independent nations but a de-facto protectorate of the U.S. and NATO - like Panama, Mexico, Honduras, Poland, Bulgaria....  The "Sulistas" are only a small fringe group in 2013<br /> Brazil - many wealthy farmers from the South now operate in Matto Grosso and further north (Analyse: Sorriso/Mato Grosso, and Sao Lucas do Rio Verde/Matto Grosso. ). When the boate Kiss burned in<br /> RGS - with 100% white southerners, many military - they had been dancing to "Musica Sertaneja" - as any "peao boiero" up North.  Thus - the protest were pre-organized and timed by an<br /> alliance of Sao Paulo right and pro-U.S. groups with the collaboration of "left" (false flag operations) NGOs from Europe(none of the  political NGO's expelled from Egypt are active in<br /> Brazil - but the same German NGO's expelled frm Egypt and observed in Russia and India - are active in Brazil. Foundacoes: Konrad Adenauer, Friedrich Naumann, Friedrich Ebert, Heinrich Boell,<br /> Rosa Luxemburg an Adveniat. But Brazil "hosts" perhaps thousands of "green" and "humanistic" NGOs from North America and Europe - all subversting Brazil permanently.  Added ingredients: A<br /> rancid political class that is too obvious, and rising prices.<br />
<br /> <br /> Hello Jan ,<br /> <br /> <br /> Thank you very much for these elements that are ALWAYS welcomed to correct my articles .<br /> <br /> <br /> Abraços<br /> <br /> <br /> Daniel BESSON<br /> <br /> <br /> <br />