Coupe du Monde 2014 : Lève-toi et shoote !

Publié le 13 Juin 2014

Rédigé par DanielB

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<br /> Jan, le nazisme et le fascisme est quelquechose de spécifique et précis. Merci de ne pas invoquer ces maux à tort et à travers.<br />
<br /> The U.S. neocon Tucker Carlson has said: "Soccer is un-american and subversive" (Football in the U.S. is called "soccer", while "football" in the U.S. is the gladiator type rugby<br /> played with helmets and protective cushening). "Baseball" is the U.S. "patriotic" sport - quasi religion - see the video trailer FIELD OF DREAMS. -- Those who manage U.S. geopolitical "Soft<br /> Power" interests are interested in damaging soccer/football because it  does not lend itself to U.S. "Soft Power" ( as does "basketball" : A second rate team has just been bought for $ 2<br /> billon by a former Microsoft executive). Both U.S. "baseball" and U.S. "football" have been excluded from the 2016 Olympic Games to be also held in Brazil. The situation in Iraq is the big theme<br /> in the U.S.---BBC serves an increased stream of propaganda against the government of Brazil, but with a certain sophisticated design. But the German "Deutsche Welle" (manipulated from "Virginia"<br /> USA !) is waging an hourly campaign against the goverment of Brazil. The DW is financed by German Federal Governmen. In 2014 with 240 million euros, and has 1,500 journalists and an additional<br /> 1,500 "colaborators" in 60 nations, and provides TV and press service to 86 nations. It is part of the 3. War of Germans against Brazil. "Brazil-bashing" is today in Germany the politically<br /> permissible form of neo-nazism - while hidden under a paternalistic concern about residents of "favelas" in Rio. Germans serve in South America as the "Trojan horse" towards NATO expansion into<br /> the South Atlantic and over South America and Atlantic Africa. The German pseudo-left attacks all goverments in South America by financing and supporting the extreme trotzkyists who attack the<br /> democratic left parties with the pretense of  their being colaborators with neoliberalism. While the German Right infiltrates the Armed Forces, the Security Authorities and coaches the South<br /> American extreme Right. On top of this operate thousands of NGOs which are financed and manipulated by the U.S., Britain and Germany , which  subvert the national and continental<br /> cohesion. (But this year - yet another "war" is being initiated by the U.S.: For a massive international campaign to destroy the relationship between the governments and societies in South<br /> America - and the thousands of indigneous groups. The aim is to created a form of "protectorate" using U.N. entities which are infiltrated by U.S. agents. )<br />