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16 novembre 2013 6 16 /11 /novembre /2013 13:39







Il s'gait bien sûr d'un clin d'oeil au célébrissime film des " périod'somb'd'not'histouâre " ©™ 













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Published by DanielB - dans La cinematheque
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n 25/11/2013 20:24

Mon cher Christian: You mix up "social influence" and "political influence". The "fiestas" and tolerance for erotic adventures - which are due to Latin America's colonial inception: In
500 years, the Roman Catholic Church has achieved absolutely nothing in changing the "latinos" gusto for "vida" ! Only very few white European women did ever migrate and bear children in Latin
America: 95% of all Latin Americans - even those who we see as "white" - have the genetic maternal ancestry of Indian women and to a lesser degree from African women. Now do not for a moment
imagine that the white males - in the majority vigorous young and able-bodied - had to "rape" all those women - as claimed by Euro-humanists! Thus - in the frontier centuries the norms of Europe
did not apply and no hard-nosed British women or exigent French women, or fire-spewing Spanish women had any part forming the social behaviour - and the Catholic missionaries virtually all had
native mistresses. Portuguese women virtually did not come to Brazil between 1500 and the later parter of the 19th century when Portuguese families immigrated as part of the European mass
immigration of 5+ million between 1870 and 2000 - of whom also were between 3 and 4 million only males! Thus what makes Latin American culture and social behaviour so attractive is the fact that
European women had no part in forming it! Now: Yes the Catholic Church has and had great influence in the "political" and even "economic" origin and issues in Latin America: 500 years of
dominance of the Roman Catholic Church have contributed to keeping Latin America without a scientific history and with the dominance of conservative oligarchies. Brazilians ask: Why don't we have
Black figures of political consequence like the USA: Because after the Civil War 1865 - Presbyterians and Methodists in the U.S. North established "theological seminaries" for Blacks in the
South. Dr. Condoleeza Rice, Dr. Michel Obama, Dr. Angela Davis - all come from sountern Black families with a great-great-grand father who was trained to become a Prostestant minister in those
"theological seminaries" which later became Black universities: By 1900 the U.S. had already a small highly educated class of Black professors, physicians, dentists and lawyers. But the Catholic
Church in Brazil had paralyzed education and is still is to some degree for all races and supported slavery until 1888. Thus the Roman Catholic Church remains a major obstacle for democracy,
progress and prosperity in Latin America. The Mexicans had the solution in the "Revolucion" 1910-1920: El paredon!

christian 24/11/2013 23:38

You see. And when I told you not to overstate the influence of the pope and Vatican in south americe ?

In France, quite the same, Xmas lost a lot of it's religious meaning.

n 17/11/2013 05:34

In Latin America "Navidad"(Span), or "Navidade" (Port) is more of a "fiesta period" with  little religious impact. Especially in the Southern Hemisphere - it is the beginning of
the "summer vacations". To get a good view - search in internet for youtube videos with the terms "Navidad (followed by the Spanish name of the country) thus: Navidad Puerto Rico, Navidad Mexico
etc. - which means music, singing, dancing, alcohol (they remain moderate !), and eating- all with the extended family - the children are always included - right along until well past