L'Assassinat du Père Noël .

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Il s'gait bien sûr d'un clin d'oeil au célébrissime film des " périod'somb'd'not'histouâre " ©™ 













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<br /> Mon cher Christian: You mix up "social influence" and "political influence". The "fiestas" and tolerance for erotic adventures - which are due to Latin America's colonial inception: In<br /> 500 years, the Roman Catholic Church has achieved absolutely nothing in changing the "latinos" gusto for "vida" ! Only very few white European women did ever migrate and bear children in Latin<br /> America: 95% of all Latin Americans - even those who we see as "white" - have the genetic maternal ancestry of Indian women and to a lesser degree from African women. Now do not for a moment<br /> imagine that the white males - in the majority vigorous young and able-bodied - had to "rape" all those women - as claimed by Euro-humanists! Thus - in the frontier centuries the norms of Europe<br /> did not apply and no hard-nosed British women or exigent French women, or fire-spewing Spanish women had any part forming the social behaviour - and the Catholic missionaries virtually all had<br /> native mistresses. Portuguese women virtually did not come to Brazil between 1500 and the later parter of the 19th century when Portuguese families immigrated as part of the European mass<br /> immigration of 5+ million between 1870 and 2000 - of whom also were between 3 and 4 million only males! Thus what makes Latin American culture and social behaviour so attractive is the fact that<br /> European women had no part in forming it! Now: Yes the Catholic Church has and had great influence in the "political" and even "economic" origin and issues in Latin America: 500 years of<br /> dominance of the Roman Catholic Church have contributed to keeping Latin America without a scientific history and with the dominance of conservative oligarchies. Brazilians ask: Why don't we have<br /> Black figures of political consequence like the USA: Because after the Civil War 1865 - Presbyterians and Methodists in the U.S. North established "theological seminaries" for Blacks in the<br /> South. Dr. Condoleeza Rice, Dr. Michel Obama, Dr. Angela Davis - all come from sountern Black families with a great-great-grand father who was trained to become a Prostestant minister in those<br /> "theological seminaries" which later became Black universities: By 1900 the U.S. had already a small highly educated class of Black professors, physicians, dentists and lawyers. But the Catholic<br /> Church in Brazil had paralyzed education and is still is to some degree for all races and supported slavery until 1888. Thus the Roman Catholic Church remains a major obstacle for democracy,<br /> progress and prosperity in Latin America. The Mexicans had the solution in the "Revolucion" 1910-1920: El paredon!<br />
<br /> You see. And when I told you not to overstate the influence of the pope and Vatican in south americe ?<br /> <br /> <br /> In France, quite the same, Xmas lost a lot of it's religious meaning.<br />
<br /> In Latin America "Navidad"(Span), or "Navidade" (Port) is more of a "fiesta period" with  little religious impact. Especially in the Southern Hemisphere - it is the beginning of<br /> the "summer vacations". To get a good view - search in internet for youtube videos with the terms "Navidad (followed by the Spanish name of the country) thus: Navidad Puerto Rico, Navidad Mexico<br /> etc. - which means music, singing, dancing, alcohol (they remain moderate !), and eating- all with the extended family - the children are always included - right along until well past<br /> midnight...<br />