Les relations internationales pour les nuls ! La Syrie , les Etats-Unis et le " plus vieil allié " .

Publié le 31 Août 2013


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<br /> France's neo-colonial re-imposition  over  Africa (Ivory Coast, Mali, Lybia, Niger etc.) - has already aroused attention and criticism  in some important circles in<br /> Latin America, who had formerly considered France to be "independent" from the geopolitical global "full spectrum control" of the USA.  The long term  effect will be  a declining<br /> influence of France in Latin America, where NATO "partners" are observed with suspicion. But the real problem for Latin America is the "Trojan horse of the USA: Germany":  Since years- the<br /> USA has de facto delegated the German Foreing Ministry with its BND stations ( "controled" by the USA)  - to advance U.S. geostrategic plans for renewing geopolitical control over all of<br /> Latin America. But this opposed by German industry which controls Germany's Economic Ministry: German industry wants "freedom of operation" anywhere - even in nations which are on the "list" of<br /> the USA (Russia, China, Venezuela, Cuba, Iran etc.).  Obviously, the industries of Germany and the USA are COMPETITORS on the global exports markets.<br />