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31 août 2013 6 31 /08 /août /2013 20:25

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Published by DanielB - dans Opinions
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n 31/08/2013 20:59

France's neo-colonial re-imposition  over  Africa (Ivory Coast, Mali, Lybia, Niger etc.) - has already aroused attention and criticism  in some important circles in
Latin America, who had formerly considered France to be "independent" from the geopolitical global "full spectrum control" of the USA.  The long term  effect will be  a declining
influence of France in Latin America, where NATO "partners" are observed with suspicion. But the real problem for Latin America is the "Trojan horse of the USA: Germany":  Since years- the
USA has de facto delegated the German Foreing Ministry with its BND stations ( "controled" by the USA)  - to advance U.S. geostrategic plans for renewing geopolitical control over all of
Latin America. But this opposed by German industry which controls Germany's Economic Ministry: German industry wants "freedom of operation" anywhere - even in nations which are on the "list" of
the USA (Russia, China, Venezuela, Cuba, Iran etc.).  Obviously, the industries of Germany and the USA are COMPETITORS on the global exports markets.