Libye , guerre civile et intervention étrangère : Le point de vue de Roosevelt .

Publié le 14 Mars 2011

" The present reign of terror and international lawlessness began a few years ago. ... Without a declaration of war and without warning or justification of any kind, civilians, including vast numbers of women and children, are being ruthlessly murdered with bombs from the air. In times of so-called peace, ships are being attacked and sunk by submarines without cause or notice. Nations are fomenting and taking sides in civil warfare in nations that have never done them any harm. Nations claiming freedom for themselves deny it to others.

Innocent peoples, innocent nations, are being cruelly sacrificed to a greed for power and supremacy which is devoid of all sense of justice and humane considerations ."


Rédigé par DanielB

Publié dans #" Les evenements " survenus entre 1933 et 1945

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