Meilleurs Voeux 2015 .

Publié le 2 Janvier 2015

    Meilleurs voeux pour 2015 à vous , à vos familles .


Cordialement . Daniel et Sonia BESSON


Meilleurs Voeux 2015


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<br /> Correction: The title is "SALIDA DE CECILIA VALDES MARINEL CRUZ" - thus "Cecilia" not "Celia". (Celia Cruz was a very famous Afro-Cuban singer- who came to popular music from the<br /> afro-folclore. There is another singer who made a mark: Vincentico Valdes was the archtype of the brashly voice  but languid interpreter of romantic boleros. Look for youtube<br /> "VincenticoValdes el ultimo cafe", or "Vincentico Valdes tus ojos".) <br />
<br /> Let's start the New Year with a real blast of Caribbean inspiration: See the youtube video titled: SALIDA DE CELIA VALDES MARINEL CRUZ. --- "Salida de Celia Valdes" is the most famous element<br /> of Cuban music. The composer was Gonzalo Roig. There are several Cuban versions of "Salida de Celica Valdes" on youtube - all featuring Cuban artists. But Marinel Cruz is "boricua" from Puerto<br /> Rico and the orchestra are "anglos" in Fort Lauderdale. Marinel's choreography is therefore "boricua" - influenced by certain (not overly urban) dancing styles in  Puerto Rico. The  <br /> risque gradual  tropical exposure and  is also not  traditional Cuban style - but the fashion around the  contemporary Spanish-speaking Caribbean basin...<br />