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  • : Blog initialement consacré à la géopolitique de l'Arctique . Il traite désormais de l'actualité politique , economique , socio-culturelle , historique et militaire et présente des analyses " non conformistes " .Il ne pretend pas à l' " objectivité " mais presente un point de vue alternatif , en opposition avec les pretendues " analyses " syndiquées des " mediats libres " des " democrassies occidentales "
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24 août 2014 7 24 /08 /août /2014 12:37


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Published by DanielB - dans Humour
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n 24/08/2014 20:36

German Chancellor Angelea Merkel just gave her traditional "summer interview" and remained clearly interested in remaining on good terms with Russia. German industry and their labor unions are
pressuring her to keep the economic relationship with Russia, where between 6,000 and 7,000 German enterprises have branches or ventures. On ther other hand she gets pushed from the German
"Atlanticists": The media and journalists, and the permanent staff in the Foreign Service and the military who are all under the "influence" of the U.S. Embassy in Berlin or directly manipulated
from "Virginia"... German industry and German labor unions understand - that the U.S.-British campaign to crush Russia and China will eventually free U.S. and British "ops" to crush the "too damn
uppity independent" elements (remaining) in Germany and France - especially their export industries. The South Americans have understood since the turn of this century: "While the U.S. is
occupied in the Near East  - they can't bother us here in South America!" (Quote from a former Brazilian intelligence commander...). But in the case of South America - the U.S. and Britain
remain discretely invisible - while their German agents (NGOs) and German "diplomatic partners" (German Embassies) are leading the destablization of ALL governments in South America: It is the
same game as the U.S.-Brit game in the Near East: MANIPULATE ALL POLITICAL FACTIONS AND PIT THEM AGAINST EACH OTHER ! The objective is permanent instability in order to contain all form of
"independence" - geopolitical as well as economical. If necessary the interests of this or that U.S. Iin South America corporation are sacrificed as "collateral damage" - it is a "cost of
doing business" for those corporations which operate global but rely on protection by the "big stick" of the Fed, Wall Street, CIA, Pentagon.