Realgeopiltik : Arnaud Montebourg veut hausser le ton face à l'Allemagne !

Publié le 24 Août 2014

Rédigé par DanielB

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<br /> German Chancellor Angelea Merkel just gave her traditional "summer interview" and remained clearly interested in remaining on good terms with Russia. German industry and their labor unions are<br /> pressuring her to keep the economic relationship with Russia, where between 6,000 and 7,000 German enterprises have branches or ventures. On ther other hand she gets pushed from the German<br /> "Atlanticists": The media and journalists, and the permanent staff in the Foreign Service and the military who are all under the "influence" of the U.S. Embassy in Berlin or directly manipulated<br /> from "Virginia"... German industry and German labor unions understand - that the U.S.-British campaign to crush Russia and China will eventually free U.S. and British "ops" to crush the "too damn<br /> uppity independent" elements (remaining) in Germany and France - especially their export industries. The South Americans have understood since the turn of this century: "While the U.S. is<br /> occupied in the Near East  - they can't bother us here in South America!" (Quote from a former Brazilian intelligence commander...). But in the case of South America - the U.S. and Britain<br /> remain discretely invisible - while their German agents (NGOs) and German "diplomatic partners" (German Embassies) are leading the destablization of ALL governments in South America: It is the<br /> same game as the U.S.-Brit game in the Near East: MANIPULATE ALL POLITICAL FACTIONS AND PIT THEM AGAINST EACH OTHER ! The objective is permanent instability in order to contain all form of<br /> "independence" - geopolitical as well as economical. If necessary the interests of this or that U.S. Iin South America corporation are sacrificed as "collateral damage" - it is a "cost of<br /> doing business" for those corporations which operate global but rely on protection by the "big stick" of the Fed, Wall Street, CIA, Pentagon.<br />