Révélation : Quand Halliburton espionnait Petrobras ...en 2008 !

Publié le 9 Septembre 2013

Les documents livrés par le fugitif Edward Snowden constituent une véritable mine pour tous ceux qui ces dernières années étaient qualifiés de " conspirationnistes " par le Mainstream . C'est peut-être là leur dangerosité  principale : Donner corps aux accusations formulées par la blogosphère et les analystes hors-système , étayées par une reflexion et non pas par un smoking gun , et regardées avec condescendance par les médiats , analystes et " experts " du système .

Les dernières " révélations " concernant les activités d'espionnage de la NSA contre la société pétrolière Brésilienne Petrobras , plus particulièrement en ce qui concerne la géologie des  gisement de Pré-sal et Tupi , [ lien ] [ lien ] viennent ainsi étayer les accusations portées indirectement contre le renseignement US en 2008 . Celui-ci avait alors très certainement bénéficié de la collaboration de la société de services pétroliers Halliburton dans le vol de portables contenant des données géologiques confidentielles sur les découvertes de Petrobras . [ lien ]   [ lien ]  [ lien ]  J'en avais parlé sur ce  blogue   [ lien vers article ]   On s'étonne de pouvoir encore s'étonner !         : omisterio2.jpg 

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The Swiss just voted in a referendum 19.Sept.2013 to continue the obligatory military service for males, 73.3% in favor.  There are only 4,300 full time military in Switzerland, but 135,000
military on active reserve duty: 22 weeks at age 18, then 330 days divided into annual service to age 34. Each reservist has his weapon at home, but since 2008 without ammunition. 456 aircraft,
33 F-18 Hornet (2008 over 50,000 hours), 54 F-5 Tiger. The Government of Sweden will assume all liability related to the new Gripen which has not yet entered production.  Interesting video


the Grippen is already produced. The swiss purchased Grippen NGs (for new gen or next gen).

Take for instance the AESA radar that the jet will use. Produced by Selex Gallileo, which I doubt that it's made in sweeden. The AESA radar is a key feature on any new fighter jet. By the past
SAAB had trouble securing AESA radars from Thales when they were compeeting against Raffale !!!! So spare part argument might probably work during the bid phase. Though I can't imagine a european
country going to war against the swiss. Would be so un-european. We would have arguments, maybe quite strong, but they are our good neighbours. (and actually mine, I live not far away !!!).

The government of Switzerland has decided to purchase 23 SAAB Gripen  fighter jets from Sweden for $EURO 2.3 billion, although the Gripen is not yet being produced. The cautious and
prudent Swiss decided on Gripen because the government of Sweden will assume all financial risks. - But propably also because Switzerland will be less vulnerable by purchasing from Sweden -
because the U.S. France, the EU - could each decide to deny spare parts for their fighter jets - in case Switzerland does not comply with tax information or trade embargos.
---Switzerland can activate within 48 hours a 800,000 defense force because of universal military obligation for males. The active reservists keep their primary weapon at home for quick
mobilization. The Swiss Army keeps also 2,000 mountain horses to drag the artillery up into the high mountains. See youtube video : BAUMSTAMMRENNEN SCHWEIZER ARMEE. ----Remember since 1525 until
today in 2013, the Pope's best troops are the Swiss Guards: There is still an active recruitement office of the Swiss Guard in Switzerland: Only catholic, Swiss males with military experience
need apply...

Voix dans la tête depuis 3 ans qui commencent à 51 ans et qui contredisent à chaque pensée = espion. Bonjour les examens !

Mon cher Christian: The purchase of Boeing F-15 would mean for ranking Air Force officers a continous opportunity to shuttel back and forth between Brazil and the U.S. (with stopover in
Miami, where many Braziliens now have an apartment), an opportunity to study for many month in various U.S. military and civilian institutions, entry into ivy league universities for members of
their families. And post-retirement positions in "foundations" and enterprises. The purchase from Sweden would not offer any desireable perks. France is a traditonal "friend" of France - and is
involved with Brazil's submarine construction program. The Army ist the most nationalistic sector of Brazil's forces, followed by the Navy. The Air Force does not appear that nationalistic and
"wikileaks" reveal too much cozyness between the current top commander with the U.S. Embassy. The possiblity of clashes with Argentina and Venezuela, ever are not very real: In 200 years
they were good neighbors. The 36 new fighters are more of a status-symbol then any more then a "dissuasive" capacity against what one of Brazil's ex-stragetists considers the "only possible
enemies we could have now" :USA and Britain.  Brazil is a multi-billion dollar submarine construction program - as "dissuasive" capacity against the U.S. and NATO.

Hi Jan, you forgot to blame the Pope @ Vatican this time :-)

Yes difficult to say if Brazil really needs theese jets. 36 modern ones are probably not enough to deter the USA or France in theese regions, but maybe enough to police its sky. Scramble and
intercept the occasional Venezualan or Argentinian plane lost in its skyes.

Don't forget also that one part of that contract should benefit Brazil in terms of "compensations", and Embraer should benefit from it directly. So 3 Bn will not be lost.

The idea of pilots choosing a fighter plane just because they wish to get trained in a country is great. Funny thinking about all the tests done, the bids prepared, and it amounts to just Texas
is cooler than Stockolm (though TV weather girl says just the opposite :-) )

Also all this makes me wonder about similar debates in Russia ! should we modernize the army or the economy, or help the people.

The security of Brazil does not require those 36 new jet fighters - because (sadly) Brazil is already to a substantially extend "occupied" by hundreds of NGOs of the USA, Britain,
Germany, Vatican and Scandinavia - by means of their "apoio" ="assistance" $$$ perhaps amount to close or over a billion dollars each year to thousands of domestic NGOs in Brazil. They "donate"
hundreds of millions but cost Brazil tens of billions in delayed development - such as unimpeded construction of hydro-electric dams and sustainable forestry in the Amazon - which the
U.S.,Britain and Germany try to sabotage through their NGOs.  (India's Home Ministry considers 4,141 NGOs from those nations as "active against the national interests of India). Today, the
disorientated university students in Brazil demonstrate and protests against the police in Sao Paulo and Rio - instead of protesting at the Embassies and consulates of the USA, Britain and
Germany against the NSA espionage and subversive activities of NGOs financed by those goverments in Brazil. Thus, Brazil's university youth' is already programmed by U.S. "psyops", just like
their parents were already "americanized" during the era of Michael Jackson and Madonna when millions of young Brazilians (early 1990's) fell into mass hysteria when those "American artists"
toured Brazil. Reggae and "funk" and "rock" were shoved into Brazil by GLOBO and ESTADAO  to disorientate the poor youth in the cities. (Beth Carvalho analysed that very well from her
patriotic position - as deliberate operation for "denationalization" from the U.S.). As Brazil now approaches a massive destablization operation from the U.S. and Germany around the Soccer
World Championship in 2014, the only measure Brazilians could now chose is a patriotic collaboration between the nationalist convervatives (Military, Police, Agro-Industry) and the nationalistic
left - the nationalistic left parties of the coalition government (PT, PCdoB, PDT and the labor movement). Notice in the U.S. right now - the collaboration of nationalistic convervatives
(the libertarian wing of the Republican Party) with the "left" wing of the Democratic Party (labor, Latino/Hispanic, African-American) against the intervention in Syria. But 36 jets for Brazil
now will only drain $ 4+ billion from the national budget and ignite another storm of protest.  There are now nationalist in Brazil's military who understand that the problem is the U.S. and
NATO, but there are also some, especially in the Air Force who seem to eager to get invited to places like San Antonio/Texas for extended periods of "training".... 


les brésiliens repprochent aussi aux USA d'avoir espionné la présidence brésilienne afin de soutenir Boeing dans le contrat de vente d'avions F18 (contre SAAB).

Par contre là, la NSA est peut être plus dans son rôle qu'espionner le peuple américain.