Russie - Mistral - Dokdo : Un contrat oubliè ?

Publié le 20 Août 2010

S. Korea pushes for Russian helicopter purchase


New Kamov KA-32 choppers would support the marines in transition of wartime operational control

The aircrafts are expected to be deployed in Dokdo-class amphibious assault ships (Landing Platform Helicopter) or landing ships (Landing Ship Tank). In case of emergency, the helicopters are optimized to fly the marines through the sky to infiltrate enemy territory, allowing the Marine Corps to conduct landing operations both ashore and in mid-air. At present, the Marine Corps has no aircraft battalion and could exercise air-infiltration operations with the help of Army helicopters, so the project has been cited as the top priority for the Marine Corps.


The introduction of the KA-32 is an issue under consultation with Russia. It has not been given final confirmation.”



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