Phoenix reloaded : Us presidential candidates plan to murder Russian scientists and engineers .

Publié le 8 Janvier 2012

According to the leading Russian defense expert Igor Korotchenko blogging on his " war diary " , Us Republican presidential candidates plan to murder not only Iranian and North-Korean scientists but also Russian scientists working on nuclear related defense programs like the Yars ICBM  , the Bulava ICBM  and the TOPOL-M ICBM throught " special operations " .

Most of the " targets " work at the research center  РФЯЦ - ВНИИЭФ ( Арзамас-16  Arzamas-16 ) [ site ]


The  " kill list " includes not only nuclear scientists but also scientists , engineers , and project managers - known in Soviet-Union and Russia as " great constructors " -  working on conventional defense programs : 5th generation stealth fighter T-50 , modernization of the T-90 tank , Yasen class submarine  ,...

All these persons are seen by US agencies as a " threat to US national interests and security " .


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