Wayne Madsen et les menaces contre le flanc Sud de la Russie .

Publié le 5 Août 2012

On peut écrire ce que l'on veut sur Wayne Madsen mais toujours est il qu'il ose écrire ce que beaucoup pensent dans les cercles analytiques Russes : La réactivation des projets Nazis de contrôle des Républiques Russes Islamo-Turciques  , du Caucase à l'Oural-Volga , par une joint-venture entre les cercles Touraniens d'Ankara , l'OTAN et les Sionistes alliés aux Séoudes . Ce point de vue prend tout son importance à l'aune des " événements " récents au Tatarstan [ lien vers article ] et il n'est pas éloigné des propos du président Ingouche Iounous-Bek Evkourov qui accusait Israël , l'OTAN et certaines puissances Occidentales de participer à la destabilisation du Caucase .Russe [ lien ]   


Using the former Soviet republic of Georgia as a base of operation, NATO, the Wahhabists of Saudi Arabia, and Qatar, and the Zionist regime of Israel have a plan to carve up southern Russia, including the Caucasus region, into a group of vassal states that will either be under the influence of Georgia, pan-Turkic nationalists, or radical Sunni regimes owing fealty to Riyadh and Doha.

Moreover, the plans for southern Russia are a carbon copy of Nazi Germany’s failed plans for the region 


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Zio-Wahhabis plotting against southern RussianullAnalyst unveils a tripartite and vicious NATO-Wahhabist-Zionist plan for southern Russia (file photo of a NATO flag) 

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Eh oui, manquent vraiment de délicatesse, ces touraniens. Cela me rappelle les

USA au Vietnam, quant ils empiétaient sur les pays voisins, jusqu'au jour où ils

ont été "boutus hors d'Indochine". Bis Repetita, Erdogan?

How is the situation of/in Syria seen in the USA, and how in Latin America: My impression - there is overwhelming popular sentiment in the USA to limit U.S. participation in OVERT military
support, because 80% of U.S. Americans are worn out psychologically by the past ten years of Iraq and Afghanistan involvement. But certainly the CIA etc. will provide complete support, and
possible discrete on the ground operations to the interventionist alliance. The "public" will have no control over that, and just receive the suitable publicity. McCain, Lieberman, Graham in the
U.S. Senate issued a call for U.S. involvement in the WASHINGTON POST - a couple days ago. Close to 200 reader's comments were 95+% opposed and highly derogatory about the "three seniles". 
Latin America - possibly up to 20 million of the 570 million in Latin America have some ancestry from the Arab-Christian immigration from Syria-Lebanon-Palestina - 1880s to 1920s - therefore
great reservation exists about the possibly outcome leading to a fundamentalist islamic Syria-Lebanon. Nevertheless, the "mass media" in Latin America is in the control of oligarchies that
will strictly follow all geopolitical propaganda provided by U.S. and British sources (BBC, Reuters, CNN, Fox, DW, AFP, NYT, WSJ, Wash.Post.) To the average Latin American, Syria and the
Near/Middle East are psychologically MUCH MORE REMOTE - then to the average U.S. American.

The AXIS : New Yaaark - Israel - London - Saudi Arabia - exists since several years and the project to dismember Russia is a PERMANENT objective, which will continue beyond our time into the era
of the next generations.  But there are some geopolitical interests outside the NATO zone that will at least passively oppose the dismemberment of Russia...  Across
history Russia has proven to be quite resilient. Not interested in the destruction of Russia:  India for geostrategic reasons (Muslim problems, arms development with Russia),
Germany for economic reasons (industrial goods for oil and gas), BRICS for promotion of "multi-polarity", China for fear of identical dismemberment, UNASUR as opposition to "indigenous

Hello Jan , i agree with your comments .

 i found this very interesting article of Pepe Escobar http://www.aljazeera.com/indepth/opinion/2012/08/201285133440424621.html If you look at the pipeline network in
the 30's , many pipelines from " iraq  " are going to the Mediterranean sea throught Lebanon and the " Alawite region " . I totatlly agree with you point of view . On the Syrian issue , how
the position of China and Russia in seen in the Americas ? Abraços Daniel BESSON


Morsi a compris le vrai jeu de Mickey et de sa horde

Bonjour , L'Egypte doit faire face à un " separatisme bedouin " au Sinai ! Tres Cordialement Daniel BESSON